About the CEO

Lacrisha Holcomb is a Health Educator, Writer, Multidisciplinary Artist, Activist, Speaker, and Therapist turned Wellness Entrepreneur. Currently located in Raleigh, North Carolina, Lacrisha believes this generation of leaders is teeming with the go-getters and glow-getters. We're the ones who get passionately, positively upset with the suffering and injustices in the world, and channel that energy to transform our lives and the lives in our communities. We make it our duty to be the change we want to see by becoming the teachers and the lawyers and the healers and the writers and the artists. You get the picture! We are the change.

The creative's healing journey as a first generation two-time college graduate raised in poverty was sustained by ambition and survival mode. After experiencing mental health issues such as depression and anxiety as a young adult, Lacrisha made a decision to become the hero she was looking for. Following a brief stint as an elementary school teacher, she has excelled in her career as a Licensed Clinical Addictions Specialist (substance abuse counselor) and has recently decided to devote more time to expressive arts to create culturally-relevant resources for healing. 

Lacrisha fervently advocates for the power of language and storytelling in dismantling stereotypes, the same stereotypes and stigmatization that disproportionately impact the health services, care, and mentalities in underserved communities when it comes to the topic of mental health. Together, we can change the rhetoric and create magic! There is no box or label that can define us. 

Let's continue to remix the healing narrative by amplifying mental health awareness for the under-served through representation, art, and culture! Shop our online store and visit flow.page/therapyislight for more information on other products and services offered by Therapy Is Light, LLC!